Often times, when looking for quality services, the make or break decision can come down to customization. Customization is the primary unique attribute of the company EverKleen. Scott D. Wiele co-founded EverKleen as a comprehensive industrial cleaning, painting, and resurfacing contractor, but by customizing their solutions, they are able to provide excellent and more appropriate services. The days of hiring companies and having surpluses and redundancies are over. Scott D. Wiele saw businesses being taken advantage of in this way and set about to make a different business model to improve all the processes for his clients. EverKleen is dedicated to providing excellent customer experiences that reduce costs and assure a safe workplace at the same time. This idea of customization helped eliminate the need for multiple venders, and therefore, through EverKleen, you are provided with superior quality while creating a reduction in project costs.

EverKleen has provided the latest technological advances around for the professional cleaning solutions field and have had the ability to custom-fabricate a solution that is specific for your needs. Every cleaning project is unique and that is why co-founder Scott D. Wiele worked so hard with the EverKleen team to design unique possibilities for their clientele. The EverKleen team works directly with you to identify and analyze the issues at hand, while creating a plan of action that is designed to fit your specific project’s needs, not a catch all plan that can have you spending more than you need to. Let Scott D. Wiele and the team at EverKleen customize for your needs at their unique company.